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  • 20W to 120W Solar  Led Street Light
    • Name:20W to 120W Solar Led Street Light
    • Model:
    • Series:LED Solar Light
    • Feature:

      1. Epistar/Bridgelux led , around 110lm/w

      2. Solar  panel, its sunpower from USA

      3. Best Lithium Battery 

      4. 5 years warranty, over 50,000 hours lifespan

      5. IP65,  No need any electricity,  save energy lights


Model  Luminous Flux  Solar Panel Battery Mounting Height Charge time Product Size Working Style
GP-LD-620-20W 20W  2200lm 18V40W  12.8V/18AH 5~6m 7hours 920*330*140mm 30% dim brightness all night+100% brightness when people move
GP-LD-625-25W 25W  2750lm 18V50W  12.8V/21AH 6~7m 7hours 1170*330*140mm
GP-LD-630-30W 30W  3300lm 18V60W 12.8V/24AH 7~8m 7hours 1170*330*140mm
GP-LD-640-40W 40W 4400lm 18V60W 12.8V/27AH 7~8m 7hours 1170*330*140mm
GP-LD-680-60W 60W  6600lm 18V100W 12.8V/42AH 7~9m 7hours 1080*450*155mm
GP-LD-660-70W 70W  7700lm 18V80W 12.8V/33AH 7~9m 7 hours 1170*390*140mm
GP-LD-680-80W 80W  8800lm 18V100W 12.8V/42AH 8~10m 7 hours 1080*450*155mm
GP-LD-6100-100W 100W  11000lm 18V120W 12.8V/63AH 10~12m 7 hours 1300*450*155mm
GP-LD-6120 -120W 120W  13200lm 18V150W 12.8V/78AH 10~12m 7 hours 1670*450*155mm